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Paul Wankowicz’s The Ulysses Flight is an action-filled novel of three pilots in Burma, Malaya, and Singapore Island. The story begins just before WWII explodes on multiple fronts. Dogfights, love, and a secret Japanese codebook unfold.

Author’s Biography

      Paul Wańkowicz, author of The Ulysses Flight, A WWII Aviation Adventure Novel of Aerial Dogfights and Love, with a Glossary, was born March 22, 1926, near Warsaw, Poland.

Childhood: His father was posted to the Polish Embassy in Washington for several years, then the family returned to Poland to live in various estates as theirs had been lost to the Communist Revolution.
      In the middle 1930s, the family returned to Washington, DC, as members of the Diplomatic Corps. After 1938, the family could not return to Poland because of the political situation in Europe.

Education: In Poland, he was tutored, first in French, later in Polish. On his arrival in the USA, in Washington, DC, he attended Landon School, followed by Portsmouth Prior (now Portsmouth Abbey) in Rhode Island. He was enrolled at Yale University, where he studied Elizabethan Literature with a minor in History until WWII interrupted his education.
      After May, 1945 at the WWII’s end, he returned to his studies at Yale, graduating with a B.A. in English Literature.
      Paul is also a graduate of U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg Vietnam Representative’s School.

Military Service: When Poland was attacked, he joined the Polish Air Force, and was assigned to the Polish Inspectorate for Aviation at the Lisgar Street Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters (R.C.A.F) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This experience made it possible for him to be attached to the British R.A.F. who sent him to the British Empire Air Training Plan, from which he graduated as a “Sergeant Pilot, multi-engine, land.”

Civilian Career: During and immediately after the University, he worked various jobs including apprentice carpenter, boatwright, and strawboss on construction sites.
      He won a competition by designing a mortar fuze, which landed him a job as a production and quality-control engineer of ammunition in the armament industry during the Korean War. When that war ended, he worked for a short time in electronics. This led him to a four-year contract with the Smithsonian Institution’s Satellite Observer Program where he was stationed in Shiraz, Iran.
      Subsequently, he joined MIT’s Neuroscience Research Program as a Junior Assistant Instructor, Engineering.
      During the Korean Conflict, he landed an assignment as a Provincial Advisor in An-Xuyen Province, Vietnam. Returning to the USA just before the Tet offensive, he was recruited by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston as a Research Engineer & Instrument Designer for mammalian research on diving seals on location in Antarctica.
      At present, he is an engineer in anesthesia research employed by the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Travels and Recognition: As a pilot, he has flown extensively in the USA, Iran, and Vietnam, where he earned an honorary set of Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F.) pilot’s wings, as well as The Vietnam Medal of Valor II.

Family Life: Paul Wańkowicz is married with four children, lives in Winchester, Massachusetts with his wife, Sue Birnie.

While Paul has many publication credits, The Ulysses Flight is his first published novel.

Readers’ Reviews

Readership: General audiences, aviation buffs, history readers, adults and mature high school students.


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