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Nick Roma and new love Rachel Moreau, Nick’s brother Jack, and Jack’s cardiologist wife Melinda, create unlikely bonds to survive after a worldwide catastrophic solar event called a Coronal Mass Ejection or CME. Would the region descend into chaos and strife or rise above intractable inconveniences to create a new, ordered society? You’ll find yourself wondering how you and your loved ones would face such a challenge.

Author’s Biography

Author Lizbeth Novelliere was living on Merritt Island, Florida, not far from the Kennedy Space Center when she wrote The Day the Sun Cried, A Spacecoast Adventure.

During a hurricane, her work as a hospital Critical Care Respiratory Therapist gave inspiration to the story. She realized should the catastrophic Solar Super Storm happen in the near future, our emergency systems, hospitals, GPS systems, electrical grids, cars with computer systems, and the normalcy of our daily existence would be severely challenged. Computers, satellites, gasoline pumps, even flush toilets wouldn’t work. She realized Edward Deming’s “Just in Time” philosophy could leave essential facilities short of basic necessities with no way to restock.

The Day the Sun Cried, a Spacecoast Adventure was a contender for the Pulitzer Prize in 2014.

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Readership for The Day the Sun Cried Adults and High School Students.

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