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In his lush Florida wetland, Ethan Egret misses something—a family. Ethan learns to dance and sprouts elegant plumage to attract a mate, Emily. They nest and raise two chicks, the adventuresome Chloe and inquisitive Joshua. Chloe doesn’t do as she is told, and daddy Ethan must rescue her and explain that some neighbors are not to be trusted. “Stay away from Mr. Alligator.”

Most pages contain facts about Great White Egrets and Tips for Photographing Wild Birds.

Author’s Biography

Linda Jump, photojournalist, is also the best selling author of the book of church bloopers, The Lighting of the Acolyte. Linda is an Empire State College graduate with an M.A. in Culture and Policy Studies. Her career as a photographer and reporter spans three decades with news presses in New York and Florida. Linda’s photographs and bylines have appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers such as USA TODAY and FLORIDA TODAY, and online news sources including the Associated Press.

Linda and her extended family, live in Palm Bay, Florida. She is a wife and fun-loving grandmother of two who is active in church and nature groups, and makes time weekly to visit theme parks.

As an accomplished nature photographer, her limited-edition photographs are in demand. Linda’s first children’s book Ethan Egret’s Family Album was released November 1, 2010. She also is the author of From Memories to Memoirs Using the Jump Start Method by Linda Jump.

She facilitates “Writing Your Life” classes for the Shepherd’s Center of South Brevard, Florida. The class encourages elder students to write their memoirs.

She has also ghostwritten two biographies.



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