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Founded 1996

Welcome to Terra Sancta Press. We favor books that appeal to an educated general audience: fiction and creative non-fiction; history; humor; some how-to; memoirs; limited-edition family histories; novels, and topics of special interest to the Terra Sancta Press’ management. We like books in the Humanities that give new insight. You will find memoirs, oral history, military history, historical novels, fiction, hard-science fiction, and creative non-fiction books in our catalog. Query first. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. All work selected for publication will be subjected to a rigorous editorial screening.

Since some books we have published are limited-editions, they do not appear in this web store.

All books published by Terra Sancta Press are 100% made, printed, bound, and published in the USA.

For publisher’s contact information, see below the red line.

About some of the print-edition books for sale from this website’s Home Page:

  • We invite you to purchase and read our latest memoir, Island Park by Edward Keck, a boy’s struggles to cope with his family’s poverty while he and his brothers seek adventures using rowboats in Long Island waterways around Island Park.
  • The Day the Sun Cried, A Spacecoast Adventure is a novel by Lizbeth Novelliere. After the impact of a major solar storm hits earth, the unprecedented Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) destroys the power grid and satellite networking. What must they do to survive? It is not a dystopian solution they discover.
  • Some of our books have been used as textbooks in universities and high schools, such as┬áPat McDonough’s book Without Keys, My 15 Weeks with the Street People.
  • The children’s book Ethan Egret’s Family Album is an anthropomorphic tale of a Great White Egret named Ethan, his mate Emily, and their mischievous children Chloe and Joshua. How does Ethan handle parenting when Chloe ventures too close to Mr. Alligator? Photographer-Author Linda Jump tracked the life cycle of the Great Egrets over three years.
  • From Rough to Ready, An Editor’s Tips for Writers, by Pat McDonough. In this book Pat McDonough coaches writers with important information about manuscript style, grammar, and formatting. The book bridges the gaps between the author’s material, and what a publisher expects to find in a well-polished manuscript. Pat gives rules, tools, and shortcuts for good writing. The book is a must-have for the serious writer. Even published authors will find worthwhile information.
  • From Memories to Memoir Using the Jump Start Method by Linda Jump, is a well-organized guide that teaches how to “Write Your Life” in memoir form, in easy steps.
  • Under the eBooks Tab, you will find several new eBooks including The Day the Sun Cried, A Spacecoast Adventure by Lizbeth Novelliere, Kazik’s Polish Navy, The Betrayal by Kazimierz J. Kasperek and Pat McDonough, He Didn’t Say Good-Bye, U.S. Special Forces in Laos by Raymond F. Flaherty, Strangers Brothers, Airborne Ranger Encounter by Raymond F. Flaherty with Pat McDonough, and Island Park, a Memoir by Edward Keck. From that webpage, when you order one of these eBooks, you will be taken to an Amazon Kindle’s Order page.
  • McDONOUGH CONSULTING Tabs have information on manuscript editing and writing coaching, and a display of some of the titles we helped authors who chose to self-publish their books.