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War Medals Awarded to Kazimierz J. Kasperek

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The following lists awards received by Kazimierz J. Kasperek for his service and bravery fighting in World War II.

Cross for Bravery
Distinguished Service Cross with the Polish Eagle
Polish Navy Medal
Freedom Fighter Medal
1939 War in Poland Medal with the Polish Eagle
Honorable Service Medal
1939 Polskie Sily-Zbrojne-   na-zachodzie 1945
(translation: 1939 Polish   Armed Forces-in-the-West   1945)
War Medal 1939 to 1945
War Star 1939 to 1945
Atlantic Campaign Star
Africa Campaign Star
Italy Campaign Star
France and Germany Star Defense Medal 1939 to 1945
Dunkirk Campaign Medal
War Medal 1939-1945
George Cross Medal
War Medal 1939-1945