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This complex action adventure introduces daring US Special Forces Master Sergeants Tommy McGlynn and Mitzi Mitzamuri who volunteer to be dropped into Laos to search for downed USAF pilot Jake Barton. After that, nothing is predictable!

It’s not only about challenges faced by military men but also how their resilient families endure and overcome when the unexpected happens. Only the characters are fictitious.

Author’s Biography

Master Sergeant Raymond F. Flaherty (6 August 1927 - 11 September 2006), author of He Didn’t Say Good-Bye and the sequel Strangers Brothers, was the eldest of nine children. Raised in Boston, Ray attended public school until World War II interrupted his education. He served aboard ship with the Merchant Marine until he entered the U. S. Army in 1945.

During the Korean War, he was a member of the 9th Airborne Ranger Company and saw ground combat with Company L, 15th Infantry Regiment. There he was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart Medals and his first Combat Infantryman Badge award.

In 1962, Flaherty went to Laos on Operation White Star as a team sergeant of an ‘A’ Detachment from the 7th Special Forces Group.

His first tour in South Vietnam was as a team sergeant of an ‘A’ Detachment from the 1st Special Forces Group in 1963, where he was awarded his second Combat Infantryman Badge.

Ray returned to South Vietnam in 1965 to serve as intelligence sergeant of the 4th Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, then as operations sergeant of a ‘B’ Detachment of the 5th Special Forces Group.

According to Col. Richard O. Sutton, M.D., author of the book Operation White Star, the character known as “Flag” is based on Master Sergeant Raymond F. Flaherty.

Strangers Brothers is the sequel to He Didn’t Say Good-Bye portraying the lives of the next generation, Airborne Rangers, participating in the Grenada invasion force.

He Didn’t Say Good-Bye was a contender for the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 and Strangers Brothers was a Pulitzer Prize contender in 2009.



General audiences, history buffs, military personnel and their families, mature high school students, and those with special interest in Laos and Southeast Asia or MIAs.

FIC032000 FICTION / War & Military
MILITARY SCIENCE / SE Asia / Special Forces / Operation WHITE STAR / Fiction

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