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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q -  What if I want to order more than one title?

    A -  You can click on the “Add to Cart” button listed on each book title’s webpage.  PayPal will make a list of all the titles you are ordering. When you have made your decisions, and added each item you wish to purchase by clicking its individual “Add to Cart” button, then on the PayPal screen indicate how many of each item you wish to order, review your order for correctness, and click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the transaction. PayPal notifies us as soon as your payment has cleared, sometimes in as quickly as 2 hours, and we ship your order within 48 hours.

Q -  I have a manuscript. What do I do next?

    A -  It depends on what you need. See the McDONOUGH CONSULTING page.

All manuscripts must be professionally edited. If Terra Sancta Press is the publisher the edited manuscript must be formatted and a book cover created. Contact Pat McDonough, McDONOUGH CONSULTING at terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com.

To ask if Terra Sancta Press would be interested in publishing your manuscript, query by eMail terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com and make it clear you are looking for a publisher.

Q -  I have a story to tell but I need help writing it.

    A -  Contact terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com for our writing or publishing coaching.

We also recommend you purchase From Rough to Ready, an Editor's Tips for Writers by Pat McDonough. It is for sale from this website.

Q -  How long should my manuscript be?

    A -  There is no hard-and-fast rule. Right now, the traditional book publishing market is showing a preference for publishing books that are approximately 200 to 300 printed pages in length. This may change as the economy picks up.

Q -  What if I don’t want to use PayPal?

    A -  Contact us at:

Terra Sancta Press
304 Royal Palm Drive
Melbourne, FL 32935-6955
eMail: terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com
Phone: 321-914-2290

Q -  What if I just want to write a family history or memoir for limited circulation?

    A -  We recommend you purchase From Memories to Memoir Using the Jump Start Method by Linda Jump and From Rough to Ready, an Editors Tips for Writers by Pat McDonough. Both books are for sale from this website.

You may also send an email to Pat at terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com to discuss your project and goals.

Q -  What if I would like help organizing and writing a memoir or a business history?

    A -  Email Pat McDonough at terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com and tell us about your project. If this email is not convenient, call 321-914-2290 between 11 am and 8 pm.

Q -  I have a children’s book I’d like printed or reprinted.

    A -  Email Pat McDonough at terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com and tell us what software was used to prepare your manuscript and whether it was on a PC or a MAC computer. What is the manuscript about? Has it already been published? If so, do you hold the copyright? If our email is not convenient, call pat at 321-914-2290 between 11 am and 8 pm.

Q -  I have a manuscript I’d like edited and formatted as an eBook.

    A -  Email Pat McDonough at terrasanctapress1996@gmail.com to tell her what software the story has been typed in to see if our equipment could read your file.

Q -  What is the difference between a manuscript page format and a book page format? Which should I send you?

    A -  A Manuscript Page set up is for the editor to read and mark up for the author. The Text pages should be on letter-sized paper 8 1/2" x 11" and double-spaced, typed in a computer program such as MS Word, WordPerfect, or Open Office — Not on a cellphone. The font should be 12 pt. such as Times New Roman, even if you plan to use some other font for the typeface of the book. The margins must be at least 1" all around.

Do not do any fancy formatting on the Chapter Headings. McDONOUGH CONSULTING bases the cost to edit on the length of the manuscript set up in standard manuscript format. There should also be a cover page with the Book’s Working Title and Author’s name and contact information. All pages after this one should have a page number bottom center. At the Top of Each Page after the first 2 pages (Contact sheet and Page 1 Chapter 1), put a Header flush left with the Working Title of the Book/Author's Name.

Later after all the editing and corrections, then the manuscript can be transferred into Book-style Formatting with the actual page layouts, heading, fonts and line spacing. After all that is finished, only then the publisher inserts any pictures and graphics and adjust how captions interact with pictures or illustrations. If you insert photos or graphics too early in the process, in MS Word some may slip behind and underneath text and become seriously hidden from view of the reader.