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A Sample of Books Edited By McDONOUGH CONSULTING

Some of the authors coached by McDONOUGH CONSULTING self-published their books!

Heart of a love story. Soul of a reluctant athlete. Come Back Strong, a Widow’s Song by Eileen McGuire Whaley, is a motivational memoir about dealing with life’s surprises – a husband’s bad cancer and an uplifting physical transformation.

Come Back Strong, A Widow’s Song can be purchased on Amazon


THE FINAL ACT, first in THE STRATON TRILOGY. We enter the world of 16-year-old Amanda Straton angry with her mother Faith Straton. Faith is concentrating on bringing her Native American production to Broadway. Evil lurks, hidden out of view, ready to destroy both their lives.

THE FINAL ACT can be purchased on Amazon

CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale, second in the Straton Trilogy, Eighteen-year-old Amanda Straton and a friend join her mother and friends to hike 550 miles across Spain. Lives are threatened, emotions peak, and miracles abound on this physically demanding hike over some of Spain's most beautiful countryside.

CROSSROADS can be purchased on Amazon

MURDER IN MOSAIC, third in the Straton Trilogy, Amanda Straton, at 30, decides to move to Florida. Before moving a love interest develops, she visits her parents in Washington, D.C., and then vacations with her mother in Ravenna, Italy to study mosaics. All the while the evil that plagued them in the past closes in.

MURDER IN MOSAIC can be purchased on Amazon

Lost on Big Otter Creek, a Family’s Terrifying River Adventure by Ron Sisson.

When a family takes a trip in their nine-foot aluminum pram, down an unknown stretch of Big Otter river, will they make it to the bridge where the car is parked before dark or will they spend the night lost? Amy and Matt are bursting with excitement to be taking a trip with dad. However, because Dad carelessly plans the trip and under-estimates the distance, things become uncertain. When a stranded blind calf needs their help, the adventure takes a turn for the worse. Confident they have already passed the halfway point, Dad agrees to try rescuing the blind calf. As he and Amy lead the calf down-river on foot, Matt struggles to keep the pram from passing them in the strong current. Believing they are nearing the end of their journey, Dad allows Matt to go on alone while they continue leading the calf slowly downstream. It is only when they suddenly come upon the true halfway point that Dad realizes the gravity of his mistake. Matt will be alone for many hours and none of them may reach the bridge before dark. Can Dad and Amy find Matt in time? Will they all make it safely to the bridge? In this river adventure, you never know what could be just around the next bend.  

Lost on Big Otter River is his first and can be purchased on Amazon.

Stronger Than Blood by Andy Vazquez.

Pablo Gonzalez is on a mission to complete his father’s dream to have all his children graduate from college. But Pablo’s youngest brother, Jose, becomes a member of a radical group promoting independence for Puerto Rico, and his sister, Ana, falls in love with Armando Martinez, leader of a Brooklyn neighborhood gang.

Pablo fears Jose will get involve in a violent act and be sent to prison for life, and that Ana would not graduate from high school.

Can Pablo keep Ana, Jose, and his other two siblings on the right path to fulfill his father’s dream?

What Pablo doesn’t know is that the future political status of Puerto Rico rests on him achieving his father’s dream.

Stronger Than Blood can be purchased on Amazon

Eighteen Brothers and Sisters, A Memoir by Seeta Begui, is an inspirational message of the power of sacrifices, mentors, education and training to make a difference. The book chronicles Seeta’s upbringing, struggles to become educated, and her accomplishments thanks to the teamwork of her phenomenal extended family and the angels in the right places at the right time to guide her.

Eighteen Brothers and Sisters, A Memoir can be purchased on Amazon or as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

A World Too Far, Stories in Poems and Songs by Mark Nathan.

In his own words, this book is “A reflection of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve seen, felt or heard; and how I might perceive others to be if I were standing in their shoes.”

A World Too Far can be purchased on Amazon